The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics (2014)

Where Did Liberals Come From? How Can We Defeat Them?

This Work Is The One Answer To Both Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait a minute! Many Liberals get married and only have one kid. How can they be r-strategists if they don't reproduce like bunnies?

There are many questions like this which you will need to read the book to understand. In this specific case, we are noting where the behavioral urges underlying Liberalism came from. Look at GSS data regarding sexual behaviors among ideologues. In nature, without access to birth control or abortion, most liberal females would be impregnated repeatedly, beginning at an early age, by many different men, most all of whom would abandon them after a short relationship duration. If you look at the research we cite in the book, you will note that Liberals are documented to have more sex with more partners, beginning at an earlier age, and that this is combined with diminished relationship duration. By the policies they espouse, they have a diminished emphasis on family and monogamy. They also exhibit diminished desire for children and rearing (even exhibiting a diminished positivity in response to the smell of babies), and John Jost has noted their diminished loyalty to peers in his epic meta-analysis of ideologues. If, in a state of nature, you combine more casual sex, more partners, shorter relationship durations, less of a desire to deal with children, less of a respect for family and monogamy, and less loyalty, you will end up with a clear reproductive strategy where males impregnate numerous females, and abandon them to raise numerous offspring alone to a minimal standard, as would rabbits. Only birth control and abortion have altered how this strategy operates in our species today, and as we discuss in the book, evidence would indicate that this is a new evolutionary stress we are still adapting to.

Were modern Liberals stripped of birth control and abortion, as they were in the periods where these urges were forged in our natures, Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer would probably have had hundreds of children between them, all borne to feminist females of loose sexual morals, who share a bitter hatred of men. In such a contraception-free world, women like Jane Fonda would be angrily following the models of the modern day welfare queens, bearing fifteen or twenty illegitimate children to whatever Alpha males they happened to cross paths with in their youth – all of which they would rear alone.

There are numerous cases like that above, where someone who hasn't read the book may want to quibble with some aspect of it here or there. However this is not a theory to be trifled with – and its presentation within the book is quite complete. It is sound, it comports with all the literature we have reviewed, and it is how political ideologies will ultimately be viewed in the political and biological sciences. To truly see just how supported this work is, and to see how every counter argument to the book can easily be dismissed, you really need to read the book. It is there, where the most complete version of the work is available, and where any points of contention will have been addressed.

Why should I share this with my friends?

I've noticed that a few readers don't immediately see the significance of this work, or a reason to share it. This is, in part, because this work was composed for the Liberal, and not the Conservative audience. It was composed this way because it is the Liberal audience which can be easily manipulated, due to psychological weakness. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult for the Conservative to grasp the significance of this research, however Liberals will see it instantly, and there it will immediately have its intended effect.

If you just view this work as a Conservative or Libertarian, your attitude would be, “So this proves scientifically that Liberals are inferior, and Conservatives and Libertarians are superior, and that Liberals destroy great societies, and Conservative and Libertarian psychologies build them. Anybody with a brain already knows that. Why should we care? Why should my Conservative and Libertarian friends care? How is this different from proving that the sky is blue? How could the spread of this work change anything?

To see why spreading this work helps Conservatism and Libertarianism, you have to view this from the perspective of a Liberal. Deep down, Liberals know how inferior they are too, but they live in denial. Say these things to a Liberal, and they freak out. I know, I get the hate-mail. Tell a Liberal that they wouldn't last ten seconds in a state of nature, and they will immediately blow a gasket. Then they tell themselves that you are crazy, that Liberals are great, and that they are the future incarnation of mankind. Immediately, through this sort of Coué method, they alleviate their anxiety.

What the spread of this work does, is prevent them from alleviating that anxiety, and re-entering their little fantasy world, where Liberals are intellectually and morally superior. The arguments within this work are too powerful, too scientifically substantiated, and they comport with simple common-sense too well. If this work spreads, Liberals will eventually be taught in college that Liberalism is not intellectual, not superior, and it is really little more than a bunny-like, r-selected reproductive strategy. When you see how undeniable this work is, you will see that eventually politics will have to be viewed this way. The logic of this work, the extent of the scientific substantiation for it, and the simple common-sense, easily-conferrable meme it that is all contained in, are all perfectly designed to deal a permanent intellectual deathblow to the Liberal movement's self-esteem and ego.

That psychological insecurity is the Liberal's Achille's heel. If we can create a scenario where that ego and self-esteem are constantly savaged, merely by their association with the Liberal ideology, we can create a scenario where Liberals will be psychologically unable to associate themselves publicly with their Liberal beliefs. That is the beginning of the end of any substantive Liberal influence on our government.

We are not giving this away for free for no reason. When you see the book, you will understand how powerful this work is. You will see how thorough it is, you will see how Liberals who hear it come apart mentally, and you will realize how easily it could transform our political debate – if we can get help from our readers in spreading it. That is where you come in.

The book is free. It will blow your friend's minds as much as your's. You are doing them a favor by telling them to get it - and best of all, it is the single best antidote to the Liberal poison in our nation's system, short of a full on, armed revolution. Help us spread it, and you will be saving our liberty and our nation for the next generation.

Why are you giving the book away free?

We are freedom lovers, and are aghast at what is happening to our country. Today, America is heading for a collapse of unprecedented proportions, due purely to leftist policies. Morality is evaporating, loyalty is becoming antiquated, families are dissolving, degeneracy is not only on the rise - it is being openly celebrated, and we are handing power to ever more cynical and oppressive leaders - leaders who openly flout the wishes of the very citizens who elect them. Corruption is rampant, our healthcare is in decline, and more and more, it feels as if this is not so much a country of citizens, so much as a class of serfs ruled by a connected elite who are hostile to the very notion of who we are as a people - and who are bent on our nation's destruction.

It is possible that this work may be able to force some Liberals to confront an uncomfortable reality. Liberals want control, and want power. They will openly embrace a Stalin-esque figure, if he offers them that. Morality means nothing to them, freedom is quaint and unimportant, and loyalty to flag is actually dismissed as the providence of unthinking heathens. Sadly, there is little beyond base self-interest that is capable of moving the Liberal mind.

But Liberals do have one psychological weakness. They fear being left alone, and unprotected by an all powerful governmental parent figure. What this book shows convincingly, is that if they continue to pursue Liberal policies, they will be setting the stage for a societal/governmental collapse, and a return to exactly the Lord of the Flies type environment they fear the most. From Malthus to global warming, nothing terrifies Liberals more than the thought that they may not have a civilizational structure to protect them. This book, by clearly analyzing the reality of what our ideologies are and how they operate in nature, offers the best chance yet to snap Liberals back into reality, and maybe, slow or halt our decline and collapse.

It even has a delightfully traumatic effect on Leftists who hear of it. Explain this theory to a Liberal, and very often that Liberal will never discuss politics with you again, either out of shame, or out of a fear that you might explain the work again, in front of others. It really unhinges them. Having seen this firsthand, it is almost unimaginable what our political world might be like, if everyone knew of this research, and discussed it openly whenever politics came up in conversation.

It is our hope that if we give you the book for free, you will see how important it is, and you will tell others about it, and through its spread, it may help us to avoid the tragic outcome we are rapidly approaching.

If you take the book for free, and still want to buy a copy, we will not argue. Our advertising budget is slim, and we are not expecting the Liberal mass media or the leftist-ruled academia to help us promote this anytime soon. But in downloading the book, the only thing we do request is that if you like it, you will tell others, and help us spread the word about this revolutionary work.

I don't have a kindle device. Can I still read the book for free?

Yes. Amazon has a free Kindle reader program. Download it, install it, and then get the book for free You can read it on your computer, tablet, laptop, or even your desktop.

Can I get a free softcover copy?

We are sorry, but we do not have the resources to print softcover copies and give them away at present, unfortunately. The only reason that we can offer it in Kindle form for free, is that Amazon exempts us from bandwidth charges for five days of every ninety days, allowing you to download it for no charge.

What will you do with my email address?

We will keep your email confidential. You will receive a reminder email a day or so before the date the book goes free, reminding you that the free date is coming up. The email will contain a link to unsubscribe from the list, if you successfully downloaded the book. If you got the book, click that link, and you will never hear from us again. If you forgot to get the book, no worries - just stay on the list by not unsubscribing, and we will email you again the next time the book goes free. However, to answer your real question, there is no catch. Give us your email, we won't share it with anyone, we will tell you when the book is free, and then you will never hear from us again. We only ask that if this work shocks you, you tell others about it, and help us to create a groundswell that forces this work into our public debate.

Why haven't I heard of all this anywhere else?

Much of the research supporting this is actually decades old. However this work, aggregating all of the research and pointing out how it relates to politics, is very new. Personally, I suspect some scientists have seen this before, but being of the Liberal persuasion, they have chosen not to speak of it. Some of the discussions regarding r/K Theory decades ago seem twinged with the emotionality of ideologues, trying to refute attacks on their philosophy. Early on, several scientists became quite invested in trying to prove r/K to be wrong, and even today, the Wikipedia page on r/K has a roiling debate on its talk page over r/K. There, one moderator tried to label the theory discredited, even as professors complained that it is still being taught in every major university, is included in the current editions of the biology texts used in those classes, is still being actively published on in the most respected journals, and that labeling it discredited is making their classes look unprofessional. Were this just a debate over reproductive strategies, it would seem that many of those opposed to it would not be so invested emotionally, or so willing to make themselves look silly, just to discredit a simple theory in ecology.

Regardless, this work is the first step in what will inevitably be a revolution in the political sciences. You will hear of this in the future. Get the book, check the studies it cites, and see for yourself.

Amazon's page for the soft and hardcovers says that availability is in 1-4weeks, due to demand. How long will the book take to arrive?

For better or worse, Amazon has been selling out lately, and not stocking the book as aggressively as one would hope. According to a publisher who works with our distributor/printer Ingram, (AKA Lightning Source), in a comment about Amazon drop-shipping sold-out books, on this page:

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