The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics (2014)

Where Did Liberals Come From? How Can We Defeat Them?

This Work Is The One Answer To Both Questions.

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What Others Are Saying About The Book

Two Liberals have already filed fake reviews of the book on Amazon, without even having read it. This is what they each said;

“Drivel. A perfect example of a little knowledge (a very little) being a dangerous thing. However, it is always fascinating to watch the borderline personality put their psychopathology so boldly on display.”

-J.T. Davis

“gibberish and it's tendentious and absurd. Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on this biased and pseudo-scientific nonsense. Besides, the author is a coward; he's so afraid of criticism that he has to remain anonymous.”

-R. Schwartz

What you should find interesting is that even though the book had not been seriously promoted at that time, two Liberals who happened on the Amazon page immediately saw what this book was proposing, and felt overwhelming urges to post negative reviews, without even having bought or read the book. Obviously familiar with r/K Selection Theory, they both saw that this work would be a scathing logical indictment of Liberalism, even though neither of them read more than a cursory summary of its contents. When confronted in the comments, just like rabbits, they fled.

r/K Theory will be devastating to Liberals, if it is introduced into our political debate, and thrown in the faces of Liberals whenever people begin to argue politics. r/K Theory strips Liberalism of any intellectual justification. It offers a credible analysis of why Liberals are espousing these bizarre views and positions. They aren't hyper-intellectual. They aren't hyper-empathetic. They aren't more “open-minded” sexually. Liberalism is not some future evolution of mankind. Liberals are merely imbued with a group of rabbit-like urges placed within them by their biology and environment, and designed to make them reproduce like rabbits – emphasizing high investments in hedonism, mating, and selfishness, and low investments in loyalty, rearing, and personal self-sacrifice for peers.

In light of this work, all of a sudden, Liberalism is merely an irresponsible urge, a cowardly urge, a disloyal urge, and a horny urge, all so overpowering, that the average Liberal can't see intellectually just how foolish their espousal of Liberalism makes them look.

Liberal rabbits innately see how devastating all of this will be, if it is widely disseminated, and when two of them stumbled on this book's Amazon page, they didn't even have to read the book, or see all the studies, to know that the dissemination of this book was bad for Liberalism.

Of course, if you go to the Amazon review page here, you will also see that almost every other reviewer rates the book a perfect five stars, with one calling it a "literary nuclear device," and another saying it is "pretty astounding work."

Here are some other reviews, all from people whom the authors have no association with, beyond the fact that they read the work, and sought us out to say how interesting they found it. Names are not included with many of these comments, since they were made not as endorsements, but rather in the course of normal disussions, often by private email.

“After the Bible, the list of books with as much potential importance and world impact as your's is a short one.”

-unsolicited email from a journalist

“Fascinating stuff – it finally solved the riddle of why all those seemingly unrelated political positions cluster together so frequently.”

- a reader

“I found this theory to work almost every time. At the very least, I can get most libs to make a fool of themselves in public (at work). Very useful!”

- a reader

“Wow! I've probably read enough psych books to have a PhD in the subject... All I can say is thank you. This is great stuff.”

- a reader

“I did my graduate work in neuroscience. You’re absolutely right.”

- a reader

“I love this theory. It hit me like a thunderbolt when I realized what it was, and a day or two of thinking about it has left me no less impressed.”

- a reader

“Not to stray off topic, but your work is mind-blowingly uncanny, accurate, timely, and relevant. Bravo. I hope you acquire fame and fortune from it – it will be well deserved. Absolutely fascinating turning light after light on in a darkened room.”

- a reader

“[this work on r/K Theory] is a key that opens many doors.”

- a reader

“I'm even more impressed...I think your thesis offers some superb insights.... (I'm trying to avoid the hackneyed "brilliant", but that's the word that comes to mind.)”

-A well known Conservative Science Blogger

“Your paper is really interesting, and connects a lot of insights from many disciplines.”

-unsolicited email


Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Barbara Hardy Institute,

University of South Australia

“Shocking, Revolutionary - Evolutionary Psychology is a must-read for the simple fact that there's nothing out there quite like it... The other reason why you need to read Evolutionary Psychology is because its central thesis is the most accurate and plausible explanation for our current state of affairs that you'll ever find.”

- From a very thorough and kind review of

the book by “Ballsiest blogger on the internet,” book author, and alt-right icon Matt

Forney. Stop by his site, and take a look at his entire review by clicking here.

“The explanatory power of this book is quite simply astonishing. The methods by which modern political thought evolved and took shape suddenly become clear and transparent, when before one would be left wondering just why the hell anyone could possibly think that the magnificent fraud of Marxism made any kind of sense to anyone..., a masterpiece..., one that every reader of this blog should go out there and purchase or download immediately. I cannot stress enough just how important this work is to your understanding of the world and how useful it will be in the development of your own ideas and paradigms.”

- From another kind review of

the book on the blog Didact's Reach. For the full review, click here.

You've seen Bill Whittle on the Fox News Channel, on PJTV, in National Review Online, and all over the nation speaking at Tea Party Events. Here, on the Stratosphere Lounge, beginning at 59 minutes in, he likens the book to the works of Darwin, Newton, and even Einstein. He then states that this book opened his eyes like nothing else he has ever read. He goes on to add his own brilliant examination of how Conservatives would act if they were thrown into the bodies of antelopes, in a fascinating thought experiment. Please take a moment, to see what he says.

This work will change our nation's history, but it needs grassroots Conservatives just like you to take a free copy, examine the contents, and then spread this idea as far and as wide as you can, throughout our political debate. It is very likely that nothing else you ever do will have more potential to save our great republic.

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